guarantees: Product certification and a simplified sale.'s guarantee for its Members

Buyers: Certificate of authenticity

  1. 1) You are guaranteed to purchase an authentic product. Every item is appraised by the best experts in the market
  2. 2) Your identity and personal details are confidential and will never be made public.
  3. 3) You receive your item(s) along with a certificate of authenticity and a seal.
  4. 4) You will receive a full refund if the product is considered by our experts to be a forgery and/or not in conformity with the vendor's description.
  5. 5) Your purchase is made on an entirely secured site that is insured by our partners Sogenactif (Société Générale) and Fia-Net.

Sellers: Free advert and confidentiality

  1. 1) Free advert: It's free to advertise your product online.
  2. 2) Confidentiality: Your personal data is confidential and will never be made public.
  3. 3) Dedicated services: You can take advantage of using a reputable site specializing in the sale of luxury products (targeted community, estimation of your goods thanks to the Price Guide, dedicated customer service, independent expertise, etc.). You're also more likely to make a quicker sale.
  4. 4) A fixed price: You're selling at a fixed price – it's not an auction. From the very start, you know how much you're going to receive
  5. 5) A predefined commission: Once your product has been sold, the's commission is automatically calculated and will not change without your permission.
  6. 6) Guaranteed payment: You are guaranteed to be paid. Once your article has been sold, the buyer's funds will be transferred to a bank account.

The brand guarantees

  1. 1) promises not to sell counterfeit products.
  2. 2) sells only products in a good state of preservation.
  3. 3) strives to provide a luxurious experience for its members by providing secured transactions and offering excellent customer service with the single aim of satisfying our customers' demands. is a signatory to the Charter committed to the fight against counterfeiting

Cms About-craft-leathergoods

Our Experts in
Luxury leather goods

Each brand has its own specifities and our experts are choosen for their reknown knowledge on each of them.

Here are their means to spot Fake Luxury Goods:

  • The hands-on approach: The leather should be dry and supple, not sticky or stiff
  • The brand's stamp
  • The seams on the leather
  • The metal parts
  • The high-quality finishings
  • Their years of experience
Cms About-craft-jewelery

Our Experts in

Here is an overview of their expertise panoply. As you can see, nothing has been left behind

  • A leveridge to control the weight of the gemstones
  • A 10x magnifying glass to scrutinize - down to the tiniest details
  • A dichroscope to inspect the colors of the stones
  • A refractometer to measure the light refraction index into the stone
Cms About-craft-watchmaking

Our Experts in

They have a talent for precision and detail

Here is an overview of their work methods:

  • The good rythm of the second hand moves
  • The Study of the cydop glass quality
  • The Weight of the watch
  • The Back of the watch
  • The Analysis of the metal
  • The water resistance
  • The individual series number of the watch