• Find the perfect item on and order it
  • Our independent experts inspect the item to verify its authenticity and conformity to the sellers description
  • Upon validatation, my item is carefully packaged and shipped to me at once


  • Place an item for sale in just a few clicks
  • Once it's sold, you will send the item to InstantLuxe for inspection
  • You will be payed once the buyer receives the item(s)

Sell your items in just a few clicks

Classic Sale

Classic Sale
  • - List your ad using a simple form
  • - You send us the item after it has been sold
  • - Our experts inspect its authenticity and its conformity to the description
  • - Once the authenticity is certified, the item will be shippped to the buyer.
  • - The payment will be sent via bank transfer

Commission is between 8 and 30%

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